Did a Pair of Bieber Fans Break Into His Hotel Room?

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Wow, little girls grow up quick these days. Allegedly a pair of teenage girls broke into Justin’s hotel room dressed as house keepers! You hear stories about fans doing crazy things to get close to their favorite celebrities, but you don’t think its all true…but its sooo is!!

A source told the Daily Mirror, “After ditching their regular clothes and slipping into their new costumes they got the lift to Justin’s suite and knocked on the door, calling, ‘Housekeeping’. Having been allowed in, the girls began half-heartedly polishing tables and dusting surfaces.”

A spokesperson for the hotel said: “There was a strong police presence outside not letting in members of the public, plus we employed an extra 20 security personnel.”

They were only caught when they started giggling, and a member of Bieber’s entourage caught them in the act. “The girls, following a telling-off, were evicted from the premises,” the source said.

That’s scary because someone with bad intentions could have gotten in also and for security reasons, this is just BAD!


Photo from PR Photos

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