Paris Hilton caught stealing…

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Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is being sued for stealing…oh no! She is being accused of stealing a shoe deign ( a heart on the inside of the shoe sole). Paris didn’t your mommy and daddy ever teach you not to steal. We can’t totally blame Paris though because she probably does nothing when it comes to designing, but her name is on the product so…Paris…you are in trouble.

According to TMZ…Paris is in some hot water,

According to docs filed last week in Seattle, a company called Gwyneth Shoes is suing Paris over part of her new shoe design — a heart-shaped pad on the insole — claiming the idea was theirs first.

Gwyneth Shoes claims they filed to patent the heart cushion idea back in 2007 — months before Paris’ shoes launched in February 2008.

Gwyneth Shoes is suing for trademark and patent infringement … and get this: they want Paris to hand over every last one of the allegedly infringing shoes — which probably number in the thousands.

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