Paris Hilton gets some of her jewelry back!

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Paris Hilton has gotten some of her jewelry back. $2 million dollars worth of jewelry had been stolen. She didn’t get everything but she is thankful to the LAPD.

Paris Hilton’s Publicist Dawn Miller told People,

“Paris went to the police station last night to retrieve her stolen belongings,” her publicist Dawn Miller tells PEOPLE. “She didn’t get everything but fortunately most of her jewelry was returned. She is really pleased and thankful to the LAPD for their help.”

Can you believe that this crime spree that may have affected Lindsay Lohan, Orlando Bloom and Audrina Patridge was done but teens. The used the internet and celebrity home maps to figure out where people lived and figured out when they wouldn’t be home due to thier schedules. WTF…these are some sophisticated teens! But the Rachel Bilson and Kourtney Kardashian burglaries are stil lbeing investigated. They don’t know yet if these teens were involved.

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