Pauly D and a Lamborghini…How Much is He Getting Paid!??

Jun. 06, 2010 - Universal City, California, U.S. - Jun 6, 2010 - Universal City, California, USA - Actor PAULY DEL VECCHIO aka PAULY D arriving to the 2010 MTV Movie Awards held at the Gibson Amphitheatre. © Red Carpet Pictures

Pauly D of Jersey Shore must really be saving his pennies if her is thinking of buying a Lamborghini…I mean seriously WTF? You don’t even see real celebs with those kinds of cars…where would you park it?

Pauly D must be saving the $10K he gets an episode on “Jersey Shore”… because the fist pumpin’ dude is in the market for a $200,000 Lamborghini.

TMZ has learned the tanorexic DJ checked out a souped-up Chopper Edition Lambo at Towbin Automotive in Vegas the other day — the same dealership featured in the A&E show “King of Cars” — and while he didn’t drive anything off the lot, we’re told it’s “very likely” he’ll buy the car.

Towbin’s owner, Chop — the guy who sold Khloe Kardashian a Rolls-Royce for Lamar Odom — tells us Pauly liked the hard top Lamborghini but really wants a convertible to make room for his trademark blowout.

I would advise Pauly D not to get the $200K car because you don’t know when your 15 minutes of fame will be up so…choose wisely!

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