Pauly D & Deadmau5: DJ Twitter Fight?

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DJ’s Pauly D and Deadmau5 engaged in a little Twitter fight after DeadMau5 criticized Pauly’s new video, Pauly did ask for his opinion and just didn’t like what he had to say!

It all started like this…Pauly tweeted to Deadmau5, “So how do you like the video?” Deadmau5 responded, “well since you asked, i didn’t really enjoy it. it looked like it cost about $150 to make, and nothing really creative about it.” BURN!!

Pauly D: “T-Shirt $40 Jeans $120 Hair Gel $12 Being Hated On By Deadmau5 #Priceless.”

Deadmau5: “Hating? the f–k? you clearly don’t know me enough if you thought that was ‘hating’. was just some friendly-ish advice”

Pauly: “Wonder If I Could Get @Deadmau5 To DJ My Birthday ?? Now That Would Be The #NightOfMyLife. Maybe He Just Needs Some Cheese To Go With His Whine … #WheresMyMau5Trap”

“Well DeadMau5 Today Was A Pleasure , Hope U Had Fun Too , But I Got Show To Watch Tonight #PaulyDProject U Should Tune In @MTV”

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