Pink Nails

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There are so many nail color trends. They come and go and come back again. Sometimes we need an old faithful that’s always there for us through the good times and the bad times. A nail color that can take us from day to night and from a wedding to a meeting to the beach and you know what color that is …pale/sheer pink. The color is safe and matches almost everything because it’s like a neutral color. The pink has to be light in order for it to blend with all outfits. It should be a step above clear nail polish and below nude (which may blend with skin color too much).


Review: Sally Hansen Color Quick Fast Dry Nail Color Pen (Sheer Pink)

I recent realized that I had a one of those Sally Hansen Color Quick Fast Dry Nail Color Pen ($8.49, Walgreens). Sometimes I feel like I have so much stuff that I forget about and it’s like finding a buried treasure. Anyway, the nail polish pen is cool. It’s like a pen with a brush on the tip.  You to shake it and then you have to click the bottom so that the polish will come out. The polish is kinda thin so it comes out easy. They you brush it on like regular polish. It dries pretty fast, faster than normal polish but it still needs some drying time. It’s good for on the go people.

Photo from Sally Hansen

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