Posh’s New Haircut

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Now that I have had time to absorb Victoria Beckham’s new pixie haircut…I’m still undecided about how I feel aboutthe cut. I think that the haircut is cool but I love longer hair. I feel that you can do more with longer hair. The cut is perfect if you want to have truly wash and go hair. I am jealous of my boyfriend’s one inch hair cut. He can wash everyday and I can’t (I wash and blow dry my curly hair straight twice a week -about 1 hour each time…none of this wash and go for me). He doesn’t worry about humidity, split ends or dryness. He cares about his appearance but it’s just not time consuming. Anyways, back to Posh…what I do like is that she is not scared to change up her look. On the other hand…I am. Check her out…at Bellasugar.com.

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