Protect your hair from the Sun

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When I go to the beach, pool or park, I often forget to protect my hair. I remember to slather my body in sunscreen but my hair gets neglected. I don’t even wear a hat (sometimes I roll it up in a bun). It’s a blatant disregard. What’s wrong with me?!  Products to the rescue. Some Companies have hair care products specifically for when you are in the sun. The sun can strip hair of color and UV rays can damage it so we have to do all we can to protect our hair like we do our skin.

Check out a few products that protect hair from the sun



At the pool

When you are at the pool wet your hair previous to getting in the water that way less chlorine will penetrate the hair because it’s already filled up with water. Hair is like a sponge…once its wet it won’t want to suck up any more water…like a wet sponge. I have also heard that chlorine can turn your hair green… I think that’s weird (lol).


At the beach

Wear a hat, use a hair sunscreen or put conditioner on your hair. I like to bun up my hair.


At the Park

Wear a hat or use hair sunscreen.


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