“Psycho Mike” Booted Off ‘Dancing’ Last Night

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I can tell you why “Psycho” Mike Catherwood bit the dust last night on Dancing with the Stars…most people had no clue who he was. The average viewer will have a connection to at least one person the show…for me its Kirstie Alley, who I watched on Cheers growing up and I loved Look Who’s Talking! I know Mike is on Loveline but I don’t listen to that show on the radio and I had no idea who he was. At the end Mike thanked everyone and was a very gracious person on the show but just a little embarrassed,

“I feel terrible, I was publicly embarrassed, I was essentially flogged by words. It’s insulting to me as someone who is a broadcaster that people laugh at everything Bruno [Tonioli] says simply because he has a wacky accent. And I haven’t been able to develop a wacky accent, and no one laughs at what I say, and that hurts. That hurts even more than getting low scores on Dancing With the Stars. And let me tell you this: Although my ego took a tremendous bruise by being eliminated on the very first elimination and by getting the lowest aggregate scores, I, Michael Dwight Catherwood, am very happy that I was involved in this experience, because I got to, first and foremost, meet Lacey Schwimmer, and develop a friendship and relationship with young Lacey…I’ve developed a lot of great friendships. This has been overwhelmingly positive in the face of my horrendous embarrassment.”


Photo from ABC

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