‘The Real’ Ladies Haven’t Heard From Tamar Braxton Since Her Firing!


Tamar is still mad ya’ll!!! Loni Love recently revealed that Tamar Braxton has still not reached out to any of the ladies since she was fired from The Real back in May.”I have not spoken with her recently,” Loni Love told Page Six. “None of the girls have spoken to her recently — we’ve reached out, but we haven’t heard from her. People just want time. You can’t badger them or make them talk, it’s understandable.” Love added that she has no say in Tamar’s replacement and neither do any of the other ladies. “The studio is responsible, they’re making the decisions. It’s not a decision any of the co-hosts can make. [The producers] are weighing their options … I’m pretty sure that come August they’ll have a better idea.”

Tamar was let go from The Real after two seasons—no explanation was given!

Photo from PR Photos