Report: ‘NJ Housewive’ Jacqueline Laurita Was Arrested For Battery in the 90’s!

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Two stories in one day…the Housewives are popular again! ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ star Jacqueline Laurita previously denied being a stripper but this rumor his coming back again along with an arrested this time. A former friend of Jacqueline says she was arrested for battery against her boyfriend at the time.

After In Touch first revealed The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Jacqueline Laurita’s stripper past, she adamantly denied the claim on October 28, posting to her Twitter account, “I WAS NOT A STRIPPER.” In Touch can now exclusively reveal the details of the shocking past that she’d prefer to keep a secret. “She was a stripper at a Las Vegas club called the Glitter Gulch,” reports a former friend who was very close to Jacqueline. “She worked there from 1992 to 1993. Like all strip clubs, it was an awful place.”

And another former pal from back in the day reports that she spent several years in a volatile romance – the low point seems to have been her 1996 arrest for battery of her then-boyfriend, who was also arrested on the same charge. “She slapped him in the face and punched him in the groin,” the police report states.

Jacqueline has not commented on the story yet!

Photo from Bravo

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