Review’d: Lady Gaga’s Concert at Madison Square Garden!!!!

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On Friday I had the pleasure of attending the Lady Gaga concert at Madison Square Garden. First of all it was sold out and it looked like almost every seat was filled. The air in the Garden was full of energy and excitement. Then Semi Precious Weapons opened for Gaga and these guys are hilarious! From the guitar players…playing while laying down on the stage, to the lead singer wearing very little clothing and then changing clothes on stage while kinda looking nude…CRAZY! and they were very pro Gaga…she used to open for them.

OK now on to Gaga…she was amazing! From the moment the lights go down she’s ON  and she only disappears for costume changes. I loved it…The Monster’s Ball takes you through Gaga’s world as she heads to the Ball kinda like an Alice in Wonderland world, but on the NYC streets. The set and lights make the stage look like a comic book! I don’t want to give away too much for those of you who are going but…I will say…Monster!!!! And A Special Piano Segment…Where Gaga Plays with her…?

If you love Gaga and have the chance to go..Then GOOOOOO!

Photo Courtesy of Me…Actually my BF took it and I love it! Thanks R!!!!

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