Review’d: Shecky’s Girls Night Out!

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Let me start by saying that Shecky’s Girls Night Out was real fun! I attended the Shecky’s Girls Night Out in NY last week and it was real cute. So there was a little red carpet for in the entrance of the venue (in a brownstone). Then you get your wrist strap and Goodie bag ticket ( if you purchased one) and then you walk into a room filled with clothes, shoes jewelry, accessories, makeup, beauty products, snacks, services and liquor…a girls dream and everyone is so nice!

I didn’t have much money to spend ( Boo for me, but I am on a budget so what can you do) so I scanned all the goodies (those headbands were calling my name). I liked that there was a Maybelline Section where makeup artists where doing complimentary makeup on people…cute stuff! I went kinda early so there wasn’t too many people inside yet, but there was a line outside.

Then I picked up my goodies bag which was conveniently located in the second room, filled with tons of  stuff.

This was everything in the Goodie bag and like a few things given away from the vendors.

The last venue I attended was a little different, it was on the first floor and this venue had some killer steps like three flights of stairs straight up…lol!

One big tip…I didn’t have anyone to go with so I went by myself and…..I was kinda jealous that most of the other ladies had their girlfriends to chat with…that’s the whole point of a Girls night out, right! So make sure you take a bunch of people with you…its more fun that way!

Sorry My Pics Are Dark…Flash is Crazy!

***Entrance and Goodie Bag was provided by Shecky’s for review****

Photo from Shecky’s and my own

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