Rihanna’s new tattoo

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Rihanna has gotten a new tattoo …umm it’s a tiny gun on her ribcage. Usually, people get tattoos of meaningful things (usually, but not all the time)…so what is she trying to say with this tattoo? Does she plan to shoot someone? I don’t think so but…what was she thinking when she decided …u know what I want a gun tattoo. Is she trying to be hardcore? Sorry rihanna, no matter how much you want to be that “good girl gone bad” you are not that girl. Plus that gun is sooo small, it’s almost like what’s the point.

Do you like her new Tattoo?

Plus this is were the tattoo artist Bang Bang wanted to place her guns…look below…but Rihanna decided not to because of her beauty product endorsement aka CoverGirl.

Photo from Myspace-Bang Bang Tattoos

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