Rihanna’s CoverGirl endorsement: Do you feel differently about the Ad campaign?

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Rihanna has been the celebrity spokeswoman for CoverGirl for quite some time now. I have seen her CoverGirl print ads and TV commercials and every time I see those ads I don’t see the brand, but I see a woman that has been part of a domestic violence dispute. I have no idea what really happened between Rihanna and Chris Brown (like everyone else in the world) but I can’t think about her campaign…All I can think of is that picture of her battered and bruised. Has the altercation changed your mind about Rihanna and the CoverGirl brand? I see her on the ads and I feel bad for her but all I really want to know is what happened that night.  Rihanna does look GORGEOUS in the Ad’s but I don’t even know what she is selling.

Photo from CoverGirl

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