Rihanna Arrives Three Hours Late To Boston Concert, Gets Booed!

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Rihanna in Concert at the Honda Center in Anaheim - April 9, 2013

Rihanna likes to be fashionably late…but disappointed fans were not to keen on waiting for the pop stars concert in Boston last night! After postponing her March concert due to laryngitis Rihanna hit the stage at to a chorus of boos after showing up at late (around 10:30)and performing for just one hour  (some say an hour and a half) and there was no opening act to keep fans entertained! Rihanna tweeted, “#BOSTON I will never forget this night!!! I truly have deeper love for you now!!! Thank you for making…”

Some angry fans tweeted,

“Boston waited 2 months and then Rihanna was 3 hours late to her packed concert. She deserved to get booed! We were mad as hell.”

“@rihanna just showed up over three hours late in Boston for a make up show since she canceled a few months back due to sickness. Im over her.”

“@rihanna 2-3 hrs late for your show in Boston, huh??! #disrespectful #noexcuse basketball was more important huh?? Don’t come back.”

“Thank you @rihanna for playing an hour long concert and lip syncing the whole thing. I’m glad u “balled out” for Boston.”

On a side note RiRi tweeted a semi-cryptic message, “Settling is not an option! Nothing less than 100% loyalty, honesty, and respect!! Love ain’t for kidz #butimsleeptho” was that a dig at Chris Brown after his interview about not wife-ing Rihanna right now?! And Chris tweeted just a few hours earlier than Rihanna, “Sometime loving someone is too much! So loving from a distance will help everyone grow! Be blessed. Live ya life!”

Didi anyone else watch the ‘777’ documentary on Fox last night…I don’t think they showed everything…some reporters were really angry and upset over the tour trip and it wasn’t shown that much, right?

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