Rihanna Gets ‘Destructive’ With MAC Lipstick Cake!

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Rihanna & MAC Cake (1)

Rihanna was in the celebratory mood, her lipstick with MAC, RiRi Woo sold out in just three hours! Rihanna took to Instagram to show off her huge lipstick cake got a little destructive with it. “This shit was so cool!! #cake #macririwoo. On the road to destruction #cake.” Rihanna must have heard the rumbling of disappointed Boston fans after she turned up on stage almost three hours late, so she was on time at her Brooklyn tour stop last night. She even talked a little on relationships during her concert saying, “Anybody who thinks love is the most complicated s*** ever?This is for us complicated ones. What the f*** now …” before singing ‘What Now and it looks like while Chris Brown was in NYC he did not attend her performance. Are they really split?’

Rihanna & MAC Cake (2)

Rihanna & MAC Cake (3)

Rihanna & MAC Cake (4)

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