Rihanna Disses Dominican Republic’s Roaches The Size of a “Bat”

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Whoops, looks like Rihanna pissed off an entire country! Rihanna took to Twitter to diss Dominican Republic for their huge roaches…aka…waterbug tweeting, “What de rasshoooolllleee!!! I just get run out my room from a bat, a grasshopper, and a roach de size of a bat!!! Only in the #DR.” Rihanna has been touring across the country for her concert tour and stopped in the tropical island of DR when she encountered the huge bug, a bat and a grasshopper…maybe its the weed…or the setup for a joke!

One thing…if you are from the Caribbean, don’t most the islands have those bugs…just saying isn’t she from Barbados! My fam is from the Caribbean, so I know!

Via NBCLatino

Photo from PR Photos

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