Rihanna Has a Ton of ‘Secret’ Siblings!

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There have been all these rumors that Rihanna had a family secret or a secret family…but the truth is that Rihanna has a few siblings that not too many people knew about…not really a secret! Rihanna keeps in touch with them! Rihanna’s father had several children (at least three) by several woman…making them RiRi’s half siblings.

According to the NY Post

Half-sister Kandy is a 32-year-old pharmacist’s assistant in their native Barbados.

Samantha, 30, has a master’s degree and works as a regional government consultant in the Caribbean, while Jamie, 27, is a graphic artist.

All three kids are from different moms, whom dad Ronald Fenty hooked up with before marrying Rihanna’s mom, Monica.
Kandy etches out a meager living for her two kids.

The half-sister said she and Rihanna struggle to keep in close contact because of the singer’s globetrotting schedule.

But Kandy couldn’t be clearer: She has no desire to get any of Rihanna’s considerable Do Re Mi.

“She’s very busy jetting off all over the world, and I have to work long hours, so I suppose there hasn’t been much opportunity to talk, really,” Kandy said.

“But I’m very proud of what she’s achieved. I’m not jealous of the fame or fortune. I live a simple life out in the country, but I’m very happy with what I have.”

Photo from INFDaily.com

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