Rihanna & Travis Scott Get Cozy At Roc Nation Block Party

Rihanna and Travic Scott might actually be a thing…for real! After being spotted together several times this week, the duo cozied up to each other at the Roc Nation Block party in NYC. And umm they didn’t seem too shy show off their PDA— or rather he couldn’t keep his hands off her. “Travis and Rihanna were together all night,” an insider told ET. “After he was done performing, he joined her inside where they spent a lot of time dancing closely and kissing. Travis had his arms around Rihanna’s waist when she said hello to Justin Timberlake. They were very touchy feely. You could tell that she’s really into him.”

But they aren’t ready for labels just yet. “Rihanna is dating now and she hasn’t put a label on anyone,” the source told E!. “She is…keeping her options open. She is not at any point in her life now ready to settle just for anyone, but she is enjoying the time she has with her friends and also focusing on work.”

Side note, Rihanna rocked the hell out of that blue lipstick. And remember when Lewis Hamilton said he was just friends with RiRi…well maybe its true since he was spotted hanging out with Kendall Jenner again.

Justin is looking at Rihanna like ***really, u can’t be serious*** 😂😂😂 … #Justin #Rihanna #travisscott

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What’s so funny Robz lol I spy Jay Brown in the cut.. #rihanna #rihannanavy #travisscott

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She letting him down easy #rihanna #riri #she #navy #travisscott

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