Rob Kardashian And Karrueche Tran Dating…Not So Fast!

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Rob Kardashian 26th Birthday Celebration at 1Oak Nightclub in Las Vegas on March 15, 2013

Rob Kardashian and Karreuche Tran are not dating. So last night Karrueche sent Rob a photo of her face, he then posted that photo to Instagram with the caption “I like when she sends me pictures.” And that’s when mayhem ensued. Rob defended the photo saying, “Ya’ll dumb af. I been friends with Karoooooch since high school. F*ck outta here with your negative sh*t.”

What’s the beef…someone on Instagram basically called her slutty! So Karrueche weighted in, “I don’t have time for the bs. But you got me f*cked up talking about my pu**y is circulating the industry. Excuse meeee??! Rob has been my friend sine hs you stupid f*ck. I understand you’re a weak a&& blog but don’t be disrespectful.”

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