Rob Lowe Not Replacing Charlie Sheen on ‘Men’, Has a Full Time Gig on ‘Parks and Recreation’

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Robe Lowe will not be replacing Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men anytime soon because he has a regular gig with NBC’s Parks and Recreation. He is super funny on that show! But Rob did leave The West Wing and Brothers and Sisters so…

According to TVLine,

Showrunner Mike Schur laughed off baseless rumors that Lowe would be leaving Parks for Two and a Half Men. Initially, he teased that several other Pawnee stars were joining new shows too, Hawaii Five-0 included, but later in the program Schur explained that Lowe — who had to skip the panel because he was on the East Coast looking at colleges with his children — is a full-time castmember and will remain such for many years to come.

Photo from NBC

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