Ruby Rose Slays For Sexy Galore Mag Photo Spread!

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Ruby Rose Galore 2

Wowza, Ruby Rose showed off allll that sex appeal in the pages of Galore Magazine.Those eyes! Did you know that Ruby was an MTV VJ—I don’t remember that! And her favorite interview was Kelly Clarkson.

“I went in with no expectations. Then, it turns out, she had nine tattoos and we had a bit of a tatt-off. She made me laugh until I was crying (could have been due to the previous interview also) but she has the funniest sense of humor and her humor is all really self-deprecating, in a cute and extremely funny way. On that note, I had amazing experiences with everyone I interviewed. Some of my favorites were Slash, Cypress Hill, Robin Williams (he did impersonations the whole time and I will never forget his energy), and that’s how I met Sia. Who will forever be everything to me.”

And despite her style icon status she doesn’t think she is a fashion girl even with all that Tumblr love. “I don’t see myself as a fashion person at all in my day to day life.”

Ruby Rose Galore 3

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