Rumer Willis Wins ‘Dancing With The Star,’ Feels ‘Different’

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Rumer Willis always looked like a front-runner when she wowed on the Dancing With the Stars dance floor and now she has the mirrorball to prove all her hard work and the actress feels different with her new title (and booty). From the very beginning Rumer revealed she joined Dancing for those who have low self-esteem and needed a boost just like herself.

“Other than for Val and myself, that is who this mirrorball is for. ..You know, I hope that it stands for all of that and for anyone who didn’t think that they deserved to do something, or couldn’t do something, or wasn’t capable,” Rumer told Us Magazine. “That is who I think that [this trophy] is for.

“I feel like I’m a completely different person than the person that he met,” she continued. “He kept asking if I really wanted to do this. [But now, to be] able to stand proudly and put your whole self on the dance floor, and just show who you are and have such a positive response. To see how many people came up to us and were so excited for us — that we won — I think speaks volumes,” she added.


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