Russell Brand Wants to “Snog” Helen Mirren!!!

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Russell Brand wants to snog Helen Mirren…what about Katy Perry?

We’re really not sure how Helen Mirren put up with her co-star Russell Brand’s sense of humor on set, expect that maybe she finds it flattering when he says she wants to “snog” her!

Helen is the co-star of Russell in both the new film, The Tempest, and the upcoming film, Arthur and it sounds like Russell and grown quite fond of her!

“She’s really sexy. She’s glorious. She’s living in defiance of time,” Russell told Extra at the NYC premiere of The Tempest. “In a minute I’m going to snog her.”

And the comedian believes that Helen could be a star in any role.

“Why not have Helen Mirren as Batman? Helen Mirren as Hitler?” Russell asks. “You name it, cross genders. Helen Mirren!”

Helen actually has a similar faith in Russell and said, “I’d like to see him do something serious actually. I think he has a long, complex career ahead of him.”

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