Ryan Phillippe Talks About Relationship w/Reese!

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Ryan Phillippe was on The Ellen Degeneres Show today and he discussed how he and his ex-wife, Reese Witherspoon have a great relationship…they do have kids together!

“Things are great. It is so important as divorced parents to keep that connection. It makes the kids feel better that the parents are interacting. … We go to all the school events together, and we’re there for each other.”

“From one week to the next you don’t know where you’re going to have to be for a promotional tour or on location. We’ve done a really good job with that, and our kids are happy and healthy and doing awesome.”

“I’m dating. Sort of my emphasis right now is on the kids and career. I think it would be good for me to be single for a little bit. Yeah, find some focus, some personal focus.”

Ryan seems like a great guy and father!! I like it when divorced parents can make it work for the sake of the kids.

PS. Ryan was caught with an unknown lady at a Victoria’s Secret event…He is single and ready to mingle!

HollywoodLife.com spotted the 35-year-old dad of two making out with a gorgeous brunette for most of the night. Think a tall, model version of Kristen Stewart — dark hair, pale skin, thin body, pretty features. The gorgeous couple was kissing like there was no tomorrow, including some saucy smooches on the other’s neck, as well as a lot of hugging. He clearly wasn’t shy about showing off his new lover, either — he was openly canoodling with his mystery women in front of Superbad star Christopher Mintz-Plass and Jesse Metcalfe!

Photo from Ellen

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