Sarah Jessica Parker Talks About Tension on “Sex and the City” Set

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SJP on Marie Claire

When you have a a group of women there will always be rumors that they don’t get along and that’s what happened on the “Sex and The City” set.

SJP told Marie Claire,

“When you’re on set, you’re working 90 hour weeks, you’re never home, you’re exhausted,” SJP explained. “There are times when all of us have been sensitive, and sometimes feelings get hurt.”

Kim Cattrall added, however, that the group’s chemistry was alive and well.

“The chemistry among the four of us is very strong,” Kim said. “The press has to put women in these boxes, rather than show them as the movie portrays them: working together and being powerful.”

“It hasn’t always been smooth sailing,” Cynthia said. “But the idea that we’re somehow adversarial is ridiculous.”

Photo from Marie Claire

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