Scalp massage brush

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I have to admit I often neglect my scalp. It’s like…shampoo (check), conditioner (check), styling serum (check) and something for my scalp…ummm nothing! I forget that my hair comes out of my scalp and that I should take care of my scalp. You need a healthy scalp as much as you need healthy hair. Just because you don’t have dandruff doesn’t mean we don’t need a healthy scalp. So I recently came across a scalp massage brush. We all use a lot of stuff on our hair like gel, hairspray, mousse, serums…you know all that junk we use so that our hair will behave. We need to get rid of the buildup from our scalps (and promote hair growth) and an ideal way to do that is to use a scalp massage brush like the Conair Professional Babyliss Scalp Massage Brush ($1.99, listed below). At that price I have no complaints.

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