Scarves: Fall must have item

Scarves have become a year round accessory (even the summer). But now that we are transitioning from summer to fall the scarf is a must have. It’s a great accessory to have in the fall when you don’t know how the weather will be and you need light coverage or for fashion. The scarf has become “THE” accessory along with jewelry, bags and shoes. With the scarf you can go light weight or heavy, you can go skinny or thick…there are many variations for many occasions. I have never been a scarf person except when I have to shovel snow in the winter, but the scarves have a hold on me…lol!

P.S. Kristen Cavallari rocks the scarf the right way (I’m kinda surprised that she is even wearing a scarf since it’s Cali in summer, but like I said scarves are year round accessories).

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