Seal’s Ex-Girlfriend Says He Has Anger Issues!

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Seal and Heidi Klum may be splitting on amicable terms, it seems that Seal’s ex-girlfriend, Tatjana Patitz seems to think that Seal and Heidi’s split has do do with his anger issues. Tatjana and Seal dated for a year and she says that

Amid their recent split, Seal appears determined to prove to Heidi Klum — and the world — that he’s still as devoted as ever. But Seal’s ex-girlfriend Tatjana Patitz has a firm message for the beautiful Project Runway star: Don’t believe a word he says.

While Seal may have good reason to endear himself to Heidi — who has legions of fans and pulled in a whopping $20 million last year — former supermodel Tatjana, 45, maintains that the singer is a selfish, immature man who is prone to frightening rages. “He is not a nice person,” Tatjana, who dated Seal for nearly a year, tells In Touch. “He has anger issues. He’s definitely not someone whom I think fondly of now.”

And though she doesn’t know for sure, Tatjana confides that she believed he cheated — a suspicion Seal backed up by admitting that he had been unfaithful in many of his previous relationships. While, like Heidi, Tatjana was initially swayed by Seal’s talent and charm, she says she dumped him for good when she could no longer deal with his temper — and she hopes Heidi continues on her path toward doing the same.

After all, an insider notes, Seal is praising Heidi in public for one reason, and one reason alone: to make himself look good so he can sell more records. “He has a tremendous ego,” the insider shares. For her part, Heidi has taken the high road, not even mentioning Seal in public in order to protect their four kids. And Tatjana hopes she’ll be just as wise in her personal life — and not even think about taking him back. “There are children involved,” she warns.

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