Serena Williams Talks About Her “Massive” Booty!!

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Serena Williams has an awesome figure…she has muscles and a big booty and boobies, but when she was younger she wanted to look like her sister Venus…awwww! Now Serena is not only famous for tennis, but her “massive” booty. Serena looks awesome, but it goes to show you that everyone has insecurities.

Tennis champ Serena Williams admits she used to compare her curvy physique with her sister Venus‘ leaner look, but she says “obviously it’s all good” and reveals her favorite body part.

“I was 23 when I realized that I wasn’t Venus. She’s totally different,” the Wimbledon champion tells Harper’s Bazaar. “I’m super-curvy. I have big boobs and this massive butt.

“She’s tall and she’s like a model and she fits everything. I was growing up, wanting to be her, wanting to look like her, and I was always fitting in her clothes, but then one day I couldn’t,” she says. “But it’s fine. Now I’m obviously good, but it’s a weird thing.”

So what’s Serena’s favorite attribute? “My smile. Does that count? I think a smile can make your whole body. Models, they look fabulous, but they don’t smile and they look so mad. But I like my smile, how it’s bright and it’s nice. Good thing my braces worked out.”

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