Shakira Out On ‘The Voice,’ Christina Aguilera Back In

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Shakira will not return for another season of The Voice and Christina Aguilera will take her seat back for season 5. Shakira told Us Magazine,  “I’m not going to be able to do next season because I have to get back to my motherhood and also get back to the studio, the recording studio, to finish my album, the one that I started working on before I had to deliver a baby and before I took this gig with The Voice. So yeah, I have to take a little break. But you never know, I might come back!”  But this was always the plan…Christina said she would take some time off and probably be back on the show the next season…her big red chair would be there when she decided to return. Christina will be making a reported  $12.5 million for Season 5 according to The Wrap.

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