Shoulder Jewelry…is it the new “It” trend?

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Babettee Paulette

A few months ago we had a surge of spikes on celebrity clothing from Rihanna to Adam Lambert to Fergie. I would think that the spikes would be scary…you might touch it and hurt yourself but its probably dull so no little accidents there.

Well, what about Shoulder Jewelry?

Babette Epaulette is a accessories line that is meant to be worn on the rise of the shoulder and harnessed around the upper torso. They usually consist of adornments of fringe, feather, leather, chain and spikes.


Pair with dress, jacket, cardigan, t-shirts or on your bare skin…whatever you want!

I could totally see myself wearing the shoulder jewelry with a cute blazer and jeans.

Do you like the Shoulder Jewelry Concept?

Photo from Babette Epaulette

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