Smurfette is back

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I loved the Smurfs when I was growing up, I was an 80’s baby. Smurfette was my fav as she was the only female, plus she had long flowing hair. If you look up Smurfette on Wikipedia then you will find out that Smurfette was a spy and then she turned good and wanted to become part of the Smurf society…lol that’s funny. As a child you don’t pick up on all the adult stuff they put in cartoons.  Anyways, Too Faced is going to have a Smurfette limited edition collection. The collection was inspired by Too Face founder Jerrod Blandino’s love of Smurfette. The collection can be bought at Sephora right now…get yours now before it sells out (If you really love Smurfette). Do you think the Smurfette collection is for you or is it too juvenile for you? MAC has Hello Kitty and now Too Faced has Smurfette. I think that the packaging is adorable but I’m starting to think that it may be too young for me.

Photo from PRNewsFoto/Too Faced Cosmetics

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