‘Spider-Man’ The Musical Suffers Another Casualty!

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Whoa, Spider-Man the musical is either cursed or the show is too difficult on the cast because another actress (in the role of ‘Arachne’) has been injured on the set!

“T.V. Carpio sustained an injury on Wednesday, March 16, during an onstage battle scene with a fellow actor,” production spokesman Rick Miramontez said Tuesday. “On doctor’s orders, she will be out of the show for the next two weeks. America Olivo will be performing the role of ‘Arachne’ during this time.”

Natalie Mendoza who had the role previous to T.V. Carpio was also injured on set and then left teh production. Then there was the stunt-man for Spider-Man who fell and broke some bones! Shut this thing down or back off the crazy stunts!!


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