Style + Comfort = The Maxi Dress

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I usually don’t buy dresses because I don’t like my legs. It’s a complex I have had since I was a teen. I rarely show leg… even in the summer…I know it’s crazy but it’s me (lol). I had to wear a dress for a “function” and I wore it below my knee (I hate my knees!) and I wore black tights. Anyway, let’s get past my crazy and get to it…the Maxi Dress is my perfect solution. It is stylish yet comfortable and it can hide my legs. I like that it can be dressed up (with a pretty sandal or gladiator flat, a cardigan and fancier jewelry or dressed down with some flip flops). The Maxi Dress is effortless and timeless and it’s forgiving (for those of us with some lumps and bumps) since it’s flowy. It came into full swing last year and its coming again. It’s a pretty, simple, summer dress…you can’t beat that and the celebs love them! Wait till my Tax refund money comes in. I plan to spend a little…just a little, maybe at sale. I hate paying full price for anything. has 20% off of Maxi Dresses. Offer expires Feb. 26. Use code: TOTHEMAX at checkout. Full price dresses only.

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