Summertime Boots

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I feel weird saying the words summertime and boots in the same sentence. I feel that boots used to be reserved for fall and spring but those pesky boots have shimmied their way into the summer. Back in the day I used to see people wearing cowboy boots in the summer and more recently Uggs have become an all season boot but boots were never really seen in the summer. The summer was all about sandals, flats and flip flops. Who wants to enclose their foot in a hot sweaty boot, but boots are now being made in a lightweight material…hence…summertime boots. In the latest issue of People StyleWatch they had a whole section on Warm weather boots (April 2009 pages 90-91). The two trends with the shoes are that they are slouchy and possible perforated. The shoes should be slouchy so that they are not so close to the leg (and skin).  Perforated (just a fancy word for holes) is also a cool trend because the holes add that airy feeling (usually regular boots are enclosed and would contain your warmth) but they holes would let in air which would make them more summery.  So….now we can wear boots in the summer.

Have you worn ever worn boots in the summer?


Those Loeffler Randall Perforated boots (in above photo) are GORGEOUS (too bad I don’t have $700 to buy them…maybe one day when I win the lottery–LOL!!!!)

Photo from Loeffler Randall

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