Tara Reid Says She Was ‘Never really married!”

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A very drunk looking Tara Reid was spotted at the airport recently and she had a little revelation…her marriage was not real at least not in US! What is going on?

That wedding Tara Reid just couldn’t shut up about — she should’ve shut up about … because she now admits the marriage was never legal.

Tara seemed totally out of it at LAX when a TMZ camera guy asked if she and her husband could win the Newlywed Game.

While not quite, “In the butt, Bob” — Tara’s slurred response was still pretty awesome … as she confessed she was “never really married.”

You might recall, Tara and Zack Kehayov (above) had a surprise wedding in the Greek Isles in August … which she tweeted about endlessly. Tara says she and Zack never made it a legal union here in the U.S.A.

Tara’s rep hasn’t gotten back to us yet.

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