Taylor Kinney Explains First Kiss With Lady Gaga Ended With a Slap!

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Taylor Kinney and Lady Gaga may be engaged to be married, but their first encounter wasn’t so inviting. The duo met on the set of Gaga’s music video, “You And I” in 2011. The couple are now super happy.

Taylor told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live. “I show up and they’re like, ‘Oh this is the idea. This is the idea.’ and I go, ‘OK, just let me do my thing. I remember I went up, and we’re rolling, and I kissed her and she didn’t expect it.They cut, and she slapped me. And it was just awkward. And the next take, I just did it again and then she didn’t slap me. She didn’t slap me then. We had a good time. I think there was chemistry. It was a late shoot. We were shooting until 4 or 5 in the morning. We exchanged information. A few weeks went by and we kept in touch and then that’s that.”

Photo from PR Photos