Taylor Swift: I Don’t Know How To Make Relationships Last!

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Taylor Swift may be a serial dater, but she is only 22 and confesses that she still hasn’t figured out dating and has no rules when it comes to dating. In the January issue of Cosmopolitan UK Swift talking about her dating struggles and has yet to figure out “How to make them last.” Swift added, “I’ve never had a really long relationship, so I have no idea what that’s like. Wish me luck for the future!”

And Swift doesn’t have a type she says, “I really don’t have any rules about dating when it comes to height, age, career choice, anything like that. It doesn’t matter. It’s really more about strength of character. When it comes to age I’ve been all over the map!” She also says she has a soft spot for ‘bad boys.’ “I don’t know. I think that idea of love I hope for is that you learn a lesson and you don’t have to learn it twice. But the song “I Knew You Were Trouble” is about when I knowingly made the same mistake twice. I couldn’t resist it — there’s that temptation to push yourself into a risky situation with someone who is going to hurt you, and that’s what that song is about: not trusting your own instincts and ignoring all the red flags.”

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