‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Leaves Sophia Behind To Pursue College!

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On last night’s Teen Mom we saw Farrah Abraham discuss with her mother the possibility of taking baby Sophia to college with her and now we know…she has left her behind with her mother, Debra.

Life & Style can exclusively reveal that the reality star did make the decision to leave Sophia. In fact, her daughter is staying in Council Bluffs, Iowa with her mother, Debra Danielson, while Farrah is attending school in Fort Lauderdale for the past several months–and since, Debra has become Sophia’s primary caregiver.

Farrah tells Life & Style in an exclusive interview, “I want her [Sophia’s grandmother] to be there for Sophia when I need to take care of my responsibilities, my education and earning an income for both of us.”

But as more days pass away from her daughter, Farrah says she often grapples with her difficult decision. “I’m tugged in many different ways daily — but I don’t want to limit myself or Sophia.”

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