Tracy Anderson Says Gwyneth Paltrow Fitness Secret is ‘Dedication’

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Fitness trainer Tracy Anderson has one of the most recognizable clients  under her helm Gwyneth Paltrow. But Anderson says even a huge movie star like Paltrow had trouble areas. Anderson told E!News, “Gwyneth had some problem areas when I first met her, and now she is in great shape,” reveals Tracy. “Some people look at celebrities and they think ‘oh, they have it better than me,’ and it’s just not true! Some celebrities are doing some unhealthy things. But someone like Gwyneth, I like to celebrate because she is really just a good example.” 

But Paltrow’s greatesr asset in her fitness regimen is her dedication.”Well, she is just so dedicated, and what’s great with her is that she’s so consistent, focused and she actually puts the work in. There is not a trick, and everyone is just not genetically blessed.”

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