Twitter’s CondeElevator Comes To An End? Plus…

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It looks like the CondeElevator has ceased according to Gawker…maybe they got a little too much press…lol! I guess having a job was more important that making fun of people in an elevator!

After a 24-hour silence following yesterday’s blitz of media attention, the mysterious @CondeElevator tweeted a monologue that sounds an awful lot like a farewell. Is this @CondeElevator’s swan song?

And if so, does it mean @CondeElevator actually worked at Condé Nast? Did speculation about the tweeter’s identity get too close? Don’t leave us, @CondeElevator! We won’t tell your boss. We just want to know if Anna Wintour ever farts behind closed doors.

In other news, Hearst and Goldman Sachs have elevator Twitters, now. By this time tomorrow, your mom’s dentist’s office in Spokane will, too.

A few sites have pointed a finger at who they think was the mysterious CondeElevator and he is pissed!

Lucky editor and popular Tumblr-er John Jannuzzi is having a bad day. In the last 24 hours, The Daily Beast and separately reported that he is the mystery eavesdropper behind @CondeElevator. Jannuzzi declined to comment on the record when we asked him about the rumors yesterday and today, but 30 minutes ago he said this on Twitter: “This is fucking ridiculous.” [TDB, SF, image via @JohnJannuzzi]

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