Uh, Oh…Will Lindsay Lohan Head to Jail?

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Will Lindsay have to go to jail? Maybe!!! Lindsay as trying to avoid jail but it doesn’t look like its happening! If Lindsay goes to trail and is found guilty she will have to do jail time….

According to TMZ,

Lindsay Lohan just got the word from the judge — if she accepts a plea bargain, she WILL go to jail.

TMZ broke the story this morning … the judge will throw Lindsay in jail if she accepts a plea bargain.

Judge Keith Schwartz told the famous defendant bluntly, “I don’t care that you’re Lindsay Lohan.”

Judge Schwartz did not say how much jail time Lindsay would do if she cops a plea.

And, Judge Schwartz wants a psychological evaluation that will help him understand what makes Lindsay tick and what particular sentence is appropriate.

The judge explained … if Lindsay pleads guilty or no contest, it will be an automatic admission she violated her probation.

And the judge announced what TMZ first reported … Deputy D.A. Danette Meyers made a formal offer to settle the case. Lindsay’s lawyer, Shawn Holley, will noodle over the offer before deciding, but the judge indicated Lindsay’s probably not going to accept the D.A.’s offer. As we reported, Meyers wants significant jail time.

If Lindsay doesn’t accept a plea, she’ll stand trial and if she’s found guilty she could get 1 year in state prison.

Lindsay is back in court on March 10. She has the option of pleading guilty and basically throwing herself at the court’s mercy.

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