The Voice’s Christina Aguilera Calls Tony Lucca’s ’99 Problems’ Song Choice ‘Derogatory’

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Christina Aguilera is not one to bite her tongue…cut to last night on The Voice when Lucca covered Jay-Z’s “99 Problems,” without cursing but Christina was not cool with his song choice. Christina and Tony have had a long standing feud after Christina did not recognize him from their Mickey Mouse Club days and then dissing his voice. Christina pointed out to Tony that his wife and daughter were in the audience…“I thought you sounded great, I mean you have a really cool voice. Tonight you came here with your beautiful wife and daughter and family, and I just thought the lyrical connotation was a little derogatory toward women, but you know, all in all it was all in good fun.”

Tony’s mentor, Adam Levine, got miffed at Christina’s comment and said, “We’re not referring to women, we’re referring to everything…it’s called a metaphor.”

On a side note people were in an uproar after Tony and Adam took credit for the ’99 Problems’ song arrangement…yet another artist Hugo actually did the bluegrass arrangement first! Adam defended Tony and even said he said the song was modeled after Hugo’s version, but it was cut out from the show, “I DID mention this but it wasn’t used. Must give credit where credit is due. The version that inspired us…HUGO!”

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