Want Smoother Skin…SheaMoisture SuperFruit Complex Body Lotion To The Rescue! #SheaLove

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Do you have KP, rough, dry or bumpy skin? Well I do and I’ve tried a lot of stuff to fix my troublesome skin and one drugstore buy has made its way into my heart, it’s the SheaMoisture SuperFruit Complex Body Lotion! The super rich lotion has a pleasant fragrance and softens your skin like you just had a fight with some sandpaper and won with baby shift skin. I’ve tried a lot of lotions to combat this dry, scaly  skin on parts of my bumpy skin and I’ve gotten some good results, but the SheaMoisture left me stroking my skin like d*mn that’s soft…like right away too, not after a few weeks of usage…like right away you feel softer.

So what’s the magic in the bottle…it’s organic Shea and Mango Butters blend with a proprietary anti-oxidant Superfruit complex of Raspberry Ketone, Goji, Acai and Guava extracts to nourish and help improve skin elasticity. Now I may seem like I’m praising this lotion to no it (its cause I’m in love), but I do have one gripe or con…it’s that the cream is soooo thick its difficult to get it out of the bottle…maybe it was destined for a jar or tub. I usually just unscrew the cap and squeeze into my hand. That’s it that’s all I have as a negative.

Retail price $9.99 (CVS and Ulta carry the line) I have nothing to disclose, I purchased the lotion with my own money!

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