Whitney Houston’s Death Still Being Investigated!

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Whitney Houston’s autopsy revealed she died of an accidental drowning but she also had heart disease along with cocaine, benadryl and other medications in her body at the time of her death. Police are still investigating the case and will not disclose what was found at the scene.

“It’s still an open investigation for us,” Beverly Hills Police Lt. Mark Rosen told PEOPLE when asked if cocaine was found in the hotel room. “I can’t disclose any details about the investigation.”

Coroner Assistant Chief Ed Winter previously confirmed that prescription bottles were found at the scene but that the medications were “not in an alarming amount.” The coroner has not commented on whether illegal drugs were also found.

What the coroner is announcing is that based on a Feb. 12 autopsy and toxicology tests, “The final cause of death has been determined to be drowning (and) effects of atherosclerotic heart disease and cocaine use.”

Cocaine, according to the report, was “contributory to death.” Also found in her system were marijuana, Xanax, the muscle relaxant Flexeril and Benadryl, “but did not contribute to the death.”

The bottom line, according to the report: “No trauma or foul play is suspected.”

The coroner believes that long term cocaine abuse led to her death, rather than just the cocaine in her body because it was a non-lethal amount. When the full autopsy report is release it will determine if Whitney indeed had a heart attack the night of her death.

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