Why do teens have all the fun!!!

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According to The Cut (NYMag.com), a Teen Vogue shop will be popping up in the Mall in Short Hills in NJ. The shop will be called Teen Vogue Haute Spot but you will not able to shop there, what you can do is… relax, drink smoothies, eat snacks, try on makeup and clothes, charge your cell phone and iPod and gift wrap your items. All for free (or so they say)!!!   So what’s the point you may ask…Marketers want you to shop at the mall. There will be stylists and attendants who will help you in picking clothes and makeup and then direct you to where you can purchase all the items. The shop will be open Nov 28 through Dec. 26.

Why to the teens get all the fun. So by that statement you would assume that I am not a teen but a twenty something year old very jealous woman. I would think that they are marketing teens since it is a teen magazine (Teen Vogue). If I showed up there do you think it would be inappropriate? I like to shop too. They are so lucky that I don’t live in NJ. I would so turn up there!!!!

Image from TeenVogue.com

Original Source NYTimes.com

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