Will you check out the “Good Hair” documentary?

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I want to see the documentary, “Good Hair” by Chris Rock. He decided to do a movie about hair after his daughters asked why they didn’t have “good hair”. I think its sweet that Chris Rock as a father decided to do this documentary so maybe he could possibly find an answer for his little girls ( on why there is still such a debate on natural hair vs. relaxed hair). Chris concentrated his documentary on African American women and their hair types but I think that the topic of hair is universal.

I am Latina and I have had a complex about my hair since I was a little girl. I wanted straight hair but inherited my father’s curly hair. I think that many people (aka women) wish they had different kind of hair whether it’s thicker hair or straighter or curlier…we all have our issue which is why I can relate to the documentary “Good Hair”.

Will you see “Good Hair”?

PS…Creamy Crack…if you watch the video you’ll know what I’m talking about…lol…love it!

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