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lush sugar babe
In my quest for smooth skin (and to be cellulite free) I came across Lush Sugar Babe scrub. Now I know you need exercise and diet to get rid of cellulite (or at least to make it less visible), but a good scrub can help make skin look firmer and bump free. Sugar Babe ball is like an M&M…hard on the outside and soft on the inside (inside contains extra virgin coconut oil). Expect to have softer, smoother, brighter…more luscious skin. One little drawback…the balls are one time use only so plan to pick up a few.

Price $4.95 3.5 oz ( each ball)

There is a vegan version of the Sugar scrub in case you are a vegan.

P.S.  Don’t leave it under running water because it will melt right out of your hand. I have been waiting to hit up one of the NYC stores but I haven’t had a chance…I can’t wait…like a kid in a candy store.

Photo from Lush

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